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Our model for primary care focuses on wellness and prevention – a concept referred to as proactive, evidence-based medicine, and an approach that’s proven to benefit overall health.


Our health care providers offer and treat the following and more.

• Anxiety and depression
• Asthma, diabetes and high blood pressure
• Immunizations
• Lab and screening tests
• Minor illnesses and injuries
• Minor procedures
• Preventive exams and physicals
• Skin conditions


Prior Authorization for Weight Loss Information

Based on a recent change by HII and CVS insurance, prior authorization is now required for weight loss medications. One of the criteria for prior authorization includes participating in a weight management program. The providers, wellness coaches, and nutritionists at the HII Family Health Centers are ready and available to assist you with choosing a program and completing the criteria so that you can reach and maintain your ideal weight goals.

Weight Loss Programs


QuadMed Physical Therapy is available onsite or virtually* to help you recover from acute or chronic injuries that may affect your everyday activities and movement. Physical therapy can help you return to the everyday activities you enjoy!

*Virtual appointments currently available in MS and VA.

Schedule an Appointment


No-cost, personalized assistance with lasting nutrition and exercise behaviors that can positively impact your health. Our coaches provide ongoing support and accountability to help you achieve your goals.



Our onsite pharmacy allows you to get a variety of prescriptions right after your appointment, and at a lower cost than pharmacies in the community. It’s one of the many ways we save you time and money.


The Know Your Numbers program is designed to help you better understand your health and risk for disease. To save $600 on your medical premiums per year* (or participate in a prize giveaway if you are a represented employee or not enrolled in an HII medical plan), you must complete both an online wellness profile and health screening.


*Information related to employee benefits or participant costs or charges related to benefits is provided as directed by your benefits department and may be subject to change.


Located inside the Family Health Center,
the vision center is operated by VSP and provides a
number of services, including eye exams, frame fitting,
retinal imaging, kids’ glasses and safety glasses.

CALL 228-205-7761


Onsite Dental offers comprehensive dental care to HII
employees and their families. Services include exams,
cleanings, crowns, X-rays, bridges, and teeth whitening.

CALL 228-355-4532

24/7 Nurse Line

To ensure the health and safety of patients during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, QuadMed is making it possible to speak with a registered nurse over the phone after your health center closes.

The telephonic triage nurse will learn more about your symptoms and will give you advice on:
- Home treatment recommendations
- When to see a medical provider
- When to visit the emergency room

The nurse advice line is no cost and can give you the peace of mind you need during this uncertain time.
Call 888.417.1001 to speak with a registered nurse.

Call 24/7 Nurse Line


The HII Family Health Center is a full-service health center that provides exclusive access to convenient, high-quality, affordable health care.

The center is operated by QuadMed, a third-party health and wellness vendor and nationwide leader in onsite health care with 30 years of experience in providing workplace health care.

The HII Family Health Centers are available to employees, spouses and dependents on an eligible HII medical plan. All personal medical information is confidentially managed by QuadMed.

Preventive and wellness are free, $15 fee covers the cost of all other services. Generic medications at CVS pharmacy cost $3 for a 30-day supply and $6 for a 90-day supply. No bills, no surprises.

Selected medications will be available in the center. Your QuadMed health care provider can also prescribe medications to be filled at your local pharmacy.

The health center offers a range of basic lab services, including urinalysis, strep throat screening, pregnancy testing, and cholesterol, glucose, potassium and thyroid checks. You can also bring in orders from outside providers and have that lab work done at the health center.

No, the provider you visit is completely your choice. You can make the center your primary source of health care and make the QuadMed provider your PCP, or you can continue to see your current PCP and use the center whenever it is convenient for you.

Appointment times vary depending on symptoms. We have appointments available in 15-, 30-, 45- and 60-minute time frames to accommodate your needs.

No. Use of the health center is completely voluntary and confidential.

"We'll keep you well;
and if you get sick,
we'll take care of that too."
- Harry V. Quadracci

MyChart allows you to schedule and start a virtual visit with a QuadMed health care provider. It also provides additional features that help you to manage your health completely online.

Click the buttons below to log in or to sign up
if you don’t already have an account.

Download the MyChart app!

QuadMed Everywhere will be available in your state beginning Sunday, October 1!

Scheduling will open on Sunday, October 1 and patient care
will begin the following day on Monday, October 2.
Check back in October to schedule your first appointment!

In the meantime, Live Health Online powered by Anthem provides eligible Quad employees and families with access to 24/7 virtual care services.

QuadMed Everywhere will be available in your state beginning Friday, September 1!

Scheduling and patient care will open on Friday, September 1.
Check back then to schedule your first appointment!

In the meantime, Live Health Online powered by Anthem provides eligible Quad employees and families with access to 24/7 virtual care services.

Good news! There’s a QuadMed licensed therapist in your state!

Call the Emotional Support Connection to schedule an appointment.

Carrie Hofstad, LSC
Licensed Therapist

QuadMed Everywhere is not currently available in your state, but is coming soon!

We’re working to bring QuadMed Everywhere to all 50 states by the end of 2023 with many new states being added as soon as September 1.

In the meantime, Live Health Online powered by Anthem provides eligible Quad employees and families with access to 24/7 virtual care services.

Check back in September to see if your state has access to QuadMed Everywhere!

Good news! QuadMed Everywhere is available in your state!

Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Established patients can also reach a provider 24/7
for follow-up questions from a previous visit.

There are two ways to schedule.

Call 1.800.888.8932

Call 1.800.888.8932 to
speak with a QuadMed representative.

Online With MyChart

Visit myquadmed.com 
or download the
MyChart app.

Looking to learn more or need help getting started?
Call us to schedule a no-cost virtual orientation!


Powered by Anthem, Live Health Online is also available
for any new, after-hour virtual care needs.