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Preventing loneliness while you’re social distancing

Humans are social creatures. In the same way we find pleasure in eating or moving, we find fundamental satisfaction in socializing. Many of us will be spending a lot more time at home and it may start to feel like cabin fever, but social distancing is one of the most effective strategies that we can deploy right now. For people unaccustomed to working from home, this also represents a considerable lifestyle change. So, what’s the best way to get through this temporary period of “shelter in place?”


Try to keep to a regular schedule as much as possible. Trying to make these days feel as “normal” as possible will help you get through.

Have a consistent bed time and wake time
This will ensure your internal clock and hormones stay balanced, provide adequate rest and give you a purpose in the morning.

Have consistent mealtimes
If you usually eat three meals a day, continue to do so. If you usually pack a lunch for work, but are now working from home, continue to pack a lunch to control impulse snacking or eating around the house.

Plan exercise into your day
It is easy for the day to fly by and you haven’t even moved from your work area! Block small break times into your day to leave your work area, stretch, take a breath and rejuvenate your mind so you can stay productive longer.

Plan time to relax and unwind
Make sure you are not chained to your work area all hours of the day. Protect some time for yourself to do what you love to do: read a book, go for a walk or work on a hobby or project.


While it’s easy to focus on how to manage your loneliness and mental well-being during this period, we sometimes forget that our physical and emotional health are intertwined. These days, there are several options for at-home exercise activities.

Practice at-home workouts
Follow YouTube videos, exercise apps or sites dedicated to short exercise routines.

Find outdoor walking or running routes and trails
Try using Map My Run, Runkeeper or TrailLink.

Form step challenges with friends and family
Register and form groups on your respective fitness tracker dashboards.


Young Asian mother and cute little daughter having video call on smartphone with family in hotel room while on vacation and smiling joyfully

Perhaps the best thing you can do to combat loneliness during this period of isolation is to connect with others in traditional and non-traditional ways. If you are comfortable using technology, there are numerous ways you can stay in touch regardless of distance.

Use group video chat services
Try Facetime, Zoom, Google Hangouts and Houseparty.

Communicate and network
Both are possible through services like Yammer and Marco Polo.

Join and participate in Facebook groups
Find topics that particularly interest you.

Join and play multiplayer games
WordFeud is just one great example.

Sign up for online sports games
Fantasy Football can be done with or without actual games.

Stay connected through social media platforms
Try Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.


Finding ways to express yourself through creative means can be therapeutic and a form of meditation.

Take notice of the present moment and use your creative side.

Write a short story or start a daily blog
Share your experiences and using writing as a form of stress management.

Take up a new hobby
Start an art project or work on an adult coloring book.

Get cracking on a home project
Now is a great time to start a project that you’ve been putting off, such as gardening, spring cleaning, reorganizing or decorating.


While isolation may seem to drag on, there will come a time when you are back to your usual routines. Making plans can help you focus on the future.

Make a bucket list
Try to think of all the things you want to do in your lifetime.

Plan a fun event
That way you’ll be ready to get away when life returns to normal.

Plant new bulbs or plants
Order online if you can. It’s a great way to welcome spring and promote a colorful summer landscape.


Senior man old sitting and Reading a book at the retirement nursing home with cup of tea in hand

Another way to boost mental well-being is to keep your brain occupied and challenged by finding healthy distractions.

Read a book
Choose a list of books that you have always wanted to read or listen to audiobooks through services like Audible or Scribd.

Stream away
Watch a television series, movie or documentary on Netflix.

Create a playlist
Build out a list of happy songs or a workout mix.

Listen to a podcast
There are endless podcast topics – find one that interests you.

Play games that engage your mind 
Try a sudoku, crossword puzzle, cards, jigsaw puzzles, board games, dominoes and solitaire.

Take an online virtual tour
Many museums offer digital access to their collections including the Louvre and Guggenheim. Find solace in nature with a virtual tour of our country’s national parks through Google Earth.


Most importantly, find sources of comfort and practice self-compassion and self-care. Showing compassion to others can also make you feel less lonely yourself.

Spend time with your pets.

Embrace family time.

Cook and experiment with healthy comfort food.

Catch up on sleep.

Manage stress and learn how to meditate.

Learn the basics of yoga
Try guided classes with Daily Yoga or Down Dog app.

Things are tough right now but know that you’re not alone. People all around the world are experiencing similar feelings to you. Reach out to people and embrace those in your home – you won’t regret it.

For more valuable advice on staying well throughout the pandemic, and to stay connected to others, we encourage you to join the QuadMed Well-being Facebook group or subscribe to the QuadMed YouTube channel, where you can find exercise videos and more to keep you active, healthy and engaged.

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