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COVID-19 Information for Patients

The health and safety of our patients remains our top priority.

We offer two ways to visit – in person or virtually. For in-person visits, we ask that you wear a mask if:

  • You have any cold, flu or COVID symptoms* OR
  • You recently had a COVID exposure OR
  • You recently had COVID

Please view our Care Your Way page to learn more about our safety measures and virtual visit option.

*cough, shortness of breath, runny/congested nose, fever, muscle/body aches, new loss of taste/smell, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue


If you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in close contact with someone who had a confirmed or suspected case, testing may be available to you at your QuadMed health center. If you test positive, our health care providers can also provide support and guidance to help ensure a successful recovery.

If you think you have COVID-19 or have testing questions, please call your health center. Appointments are required. For the safety of yourself and others, please do not visit without an appointment.

Further questions related to COVID-19 can be directed to your health center.


COVID-19 vaccines and boosters may be available at your QuadMed health center. Vaccine availability may vary by location. Please call your health center to learn more.

At health center locations with vaccine availability, we are currently vaccinating anyone ages 5 and older. Booster shots are available to anyone in one of following two groups:

  • Pfizer – age 12+ and 6 months or more after initial two-dose series
  • Moderna – age 18+ and 6 months or more after initial two-dose series
  • Johnson & Johnson – age 18+ and 2 months after initial dose

If you received your first dose(s) somewhere in the community, you can still receive your booster from your health center. You must bring your vaccination card with you to verify that you are eligible.


For readily-available documentation to show that you’ve received your vaccine, you can add your vaccinations to your record in MyChart – even if you were vaccinated outside of a QuadMed health center. Once added, you can quickly access proof of vaccination, including a scannable QR code to be used at select events, venues or facilities that may require proof of vaccination for entry.

How to Update Your Status in MyChart

To get started, log in to your QuadMed MyChart account and go to the COVID-19 section.

If you received any vaccinations through your QuadMed health center, they will already be loaded. Status for vaccinations received outside of QuadMed can be updated in one of two ways:

1. Automatically
MyChart allows you to access state and local registries to obtain proof of vaccinations. This allows you to automatically verify your vaccination information if all the information below is present:

  • Your vaccination has a “received” status and a valid administration date and lot number.
  • The identifying information (name, date of birth, sex, address, etc. ) in the registry matches your information in MyChart.

2. Manually
If your vaccine information is not available through state or local registries, MyChart will give you the option to complete a questionnaire and upload an image of your vaccination card for review.


While questions about COVID-19 testing and care, vaccines and boosters can be directed to your QuadMed health center, the CDC also has several helpful resources to help answer frequently asked questions, and to educate you about the virus and the best ways to protect yourself from it.

Contactless check-in through MyChart

For a contactless check-in in the health center, or to save time before your virtual visit, you can check in online through MyChart. Once your appointment is scheduled, log in to your account, click the Visits tab and select the eCheck-in button.

Don’t have a MyChart account?

Signing up only takes a few minutes. Visit myquadmed.com and click SIGN UP NOW. If you don’t have an activation code, click the SIGN UP ONLINE button and follow the instructions.

For more information on MyChart, visit our MyChart FAQ page.

Download the QuadMed MyChart App

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we'll take care of that too."
- Harry V. Quadracci

MyChart allows you to schedule and start a virtual visit with a QuadMed health care provider. It also provides additional features that help you to manage your health completely online.

Click the buttons below to log in or to sign up
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QuadMed Everywhere is not currently available in your state, but is coming soon!

Until then, LiveHealth Online is available for your virtual care needs. Powered by Anthem, Live Health Online connects you with a doctor for acute care 24/7.

You can also call QuadMed for additional assistance.
Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Good news! QuadMed Everywhere is available in your state!

Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Established patients can also reach a provider 24/7
for follow-up questions from a previous visit.

There are two ways to schedule.

Call 1.800.888.8932

Call 1.800.888.8932 to
speak with a QuadMed representative.

Online With MyChart

Visit myquadmed.com 
or download the
MyChart app.

Powered by Anthem, Live Health Online is also available
for any new, after-hour virtual care needs.